August 2021
Vol 42 No 8
William and Harry unveil their mother's statue; royal anniversaries in Norway and Jordan; the Queen's meets her people again; Prince Philip remembered.
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Ingrid Seward
Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine
Ingrid is acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent writers and commentators on the royal family and has published over 15 books and contributed numerous articles to publications worldwide. Ingrid is in the unique position of knowing many members of the royal family personally and through Majesty enjoys a special relationship with the Royal Household.
Letter from the Editor

The end of most pandemic restrictions in England came as a huge relief to many. Although the House of Windsor adapted well to the situation, meeting royalty face to face is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience; working remotely via Zoom
was successfully embraced – especially by the Queen who seemed to enjoy it all – but it was never going to be quite the same.

As a gesture of appreciation for the NHS personnel who risked and sometimes lost their lives in treating Covid-19 patients, the Queen has awarded the George Cross to the National Health Services of the UK. She praised the ‘courage, compassion and dedication’ shown in the 73 years since the service was founded and in a handwritten letter said the award ‘recognises all NHS staff, past and present, across all disciplines and all four nations’.

It is only the third time that the George Cross, instituted by King George VI in September 1940, has been awarded collectively rather than to an individual. The first time was to Malta in 1942, in recognition of the fortitude displayed by the island’s inhabitants during incessant enemy bombardments in the Second World War.

In 1999, the Queen awarded the George Cross to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, in recognition of the collective and sustained bravery of the force, including the families of those serving.

This latest award was given on the advice of the George Cross Committee, which includes the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Edward Young. Of particular significance is the message in the Queen’s remarkably firm hand on Windsor Castle headed paper. Family and friends are used to receiving letters from her, but we seldom see Her Majesty penning statements herself, which, although written on behalf of the government, makes it personal as well as official.  

The Duke of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales both caught Covid-19, as did Princess Michael of Kent; she had it twice and then fell victim to the effects of long Covid. The Duchess of Cambridge escaped, but had to isolate in July after coming into contact with someone who tested positive shortly before the rules were relaxed.

As patron of the Lawn Tennis Association, Catherine normally attends the Wimbledon championships every year. This year on the fifth day she managed to see both Jamie and Andy Murray play before heading to the kitchens to thank staff for their endeavours at the height of the pandemic, when they prepared food for elderly local residents. 

The Queen, who is not particularly interested in tennis, preferred to go to the Royal Windsor Horse Show where over four days she saw her Fell ponies compete and her granddaughter Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor skilfully drive the late Duke of Edinburgh’s carriage. 

This month Her Majesty will return to Balmoral for her first summer sojourn without her husband. The Scottish estate has been very special to both of them and it is where Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten RN proposed to the 20-year-old princess 75 years ago.

The Queen will once again enjoy the company of family and friends staying at the castle instead of seeing them only on picnics, from a distance, as was the case last year.

This Issue's Features
DIANA REMEMBERED: William and Harry unveil a statue of their mother on the 60th anniversary of her birth, by Victoria Murphy
20 YEARS & COUNTING: Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s two decades of marriage, by Trond Norén Isaksen
WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Good manners still matter, says Ingrid Seward as she considers how attitudes to royal protocol have relaxed
IN TRIBUTE: Exhibitions at Windsor Castle and Holyroodhouse celebrate the remarkable life and times of the Duke of Edinburgh
A DIFFERENT WAY OF DOING THINGS: The Queen has finally been able to leave her castle and life is seemingly returning to normal – or thereabouts
QUEEN NOOR: With the Jordanian consort about to celebrate her 70th birthday, Coryne Hall reveals what keeps Her Majesty busy
THE PRINCE AND THE PANDEMIC: In the early 20th century the Spanish flu claimed millions of lives, including that of the King of Sweden’s youngest son
HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF: Conflict between heirs and spares has existed for hundreds of years, as journalism student Rebecca Russell discovered
Our round-up of photographs shows royal families of the world at work and play
Robert Golden reflects on various aspects of regal life, both ancient and modern

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